Free Gay War Games

He tried to help his friend in a fight. Randy gets overpowered in the casino. They tilt beer over his head and fix him to the celling. They strip and spank him. Then they beat the shit out of the cunt.
Free Gay War Games
It is a dark and smoky room. The officer´s casino for the Russian Forces is a rough place. A few people sit at the bar. Some soldiers play poker. Others watch. The girl behind the bar appears quite bored. Suddenly a Serbian officer throws a table. A fight starts. Glasses, money and chips are falling. One of the players seems to have cheated. His friend, Randy tries to help him. He is a tough guy, not so muscular but a good fighter. Now other soldiers join the brawl and sooner than expected the guys notice that they are outnumbered. Two soldiers grab Randy by his collar and drag him to the bar. One tilts a beer over the boy´s head. “Will you calm down?” Now the Serbian officer approaches Randy. “Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Radovan. And I will be your worst nightmare.” Seconds later Randy gets fixed with a wooden chain to the celling. He struggles a lot but the two soldiers are way to strong. He gets several slaps in his face. Randy can´t believe what is happening next. The soldiers slowly undress him. Radovan grabs the guy by the balls and spanks his ass. Then he takes off his sweaty T-shits. He convolves it and starts to beat the shit out of his prisoner. An orgy of pain and humiliation has just started at Gay War Games.

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