Gay War Games download

Brutally fucked in several positions. Humiliated, fondled and used. The soldiers leave their prisoner bound to the cell door. Naked, broken, lost and with his ass covered with cum.
Gay War Games download
The heavy iron of the bars is just cold. Although he is constantly tied to them Rick can´t feel the cold anymore. But the pain in his ass is enormous. He has been fucked by two soldiers for hours. Now Mecko unties him. Will his torment be over now? Well, it doesn´t seem so. They put him now on his back. Missionary position. Doing this they lift his legs and fix them again to the bars. His hole is now on full display. Ivan wants to fuck the shit out of this humble piece of human meat. He knows no mercy even so his catch seems to be close to pass out. He fucks him with all his power. In and out. Then his mate Mecko has his turn. Poor Rick completely surrendered to his fate. He endures everything. The mattress shakes from the fierce fuck-moves of the soldiers. And they beat the prisoner again and again. They spank and humiliate him verbally. This goes on for a long while. Suddenly they untie him again. But just to drag him to the opened door of his cell. There they fix him again to the bars. Standing but unable to move. In this most disgraceful position the soldiers start to jerk. They touch, fondle and finger the guy. His martyrdom ends with his ass covered with sperm. The soldiers laugh and close the door to the cell. Leaving the prisoner tied to the door. Broken, humiliated and lost at Gay War Games.

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