Gay War Games password

Alleged of cheating Raul finds himself delivered to the mercy of a young recruit. The soldier takes pictures while he humiliates the guy. He cuts his clothes, beats him with a belt and fondles him.
Gay War Games password
The table falls. Cards and money lay on the ground. The whole bar is a mess. Raul was surprised by this attack. He just came here for a Poker game. He is one of the winners of the uncertain times in Tchukistan. Not even one year after the end of the communist era he opened a club in the centre of Novo Sazky. In this time he was able to get into contact to politicians, Mafiosi and many other influential people. Today he and his driver Randy came to the Russian officer´s casino to have a drink and to play poker. Raul had luck. As always. For him it is a game. Nothing more. If he losses a few thousand bucks it wouldn’t even matter much. But one of the other players risked too much. Radovan, a Serbian officer accused him of cheating. He already lost his month´s pay and attacks the alleged cheater. Together with a few other soldiers they overpower the boys. Raul still saw how Radovan took his driver Randy. Then Leonid, a Russian marine recruit, together with a mate dragged him away. Then he passed out. Raul wakes up a few minutes later. Tied to a wooden rack. Leonid is standing in front of him. He starts to struggle and swear but for Leonid this is only a turn-on. Another Tchukistani cunt who needs some discipline. He cuts his shirt and starts to touch the guy. He even takes pictures with his mobile while he slowly strips his catch. Then he takes his belt and beats the helpless hunk. Raul might be stronger. But now he is delivered to the mercy of a young recruit at Gay War Games.

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