Gay War Games pictures

Painfully tied and strangled with heavy boots. Rick looses his virginity inside the walls of this gay prison. The soldiers fuck him one by one. A rough end to a boy´s awakening manhood.
Gay War Games pictures
It is a hot summer day but inside these walls it is just cold. Freezing cold. Little is left of Rick´s boyish unconcern. They took his clothes away, they took his dignity and now they are about to take his virginity. Ivan grabs the boy and throws him onto the bed. They tie his hands to the bars. Mecko´s hard-on needs a good fuck now. He tries to penetrate the prisoner but Rick struggles and fights. Ivan puts the boy´s head between his boots strangling the stroppy prisoner. Now Mecko can get inside. He starts a rough fuck. The bed almost seems to break by his fierce moves. Rick is moaning from the pain and humiliation. And Ivan loves to give him a few side kicks every now and then. After a while Rick gives up and accepts his fate. The soldiers make evil jokes about their newest catch. But Rick isn´t listening anymore. Time for a change. Now it´s Ivan´s turn. He takes down his pants and grabs the guy by the cheeks to push his thick tool deep inside the ass. This boy is no virgin anymore. And what ever will happen to him next, he will never forget what happened in this tiny, dirty cell. Nothing less but the end of his awakening manhood at Gay War Games.

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