Gay War Games videos

Dragged to the torture room in a chokehold and fixed into a vulnerable position. Then made to suck cock. Sascha gets mouth-fucked, cherry fingered and gagged with his own smelly undies.
Gay War Games videos
Sascha barely can breath. He is led down the stairs by Gregor in a chokehold. What his eyes see now looks like a dungeon. Or rather a torture chamber. He is terrified and wouldn’t dare to struggle anymore. The gay soldier pushes him onto some sort of table. A piece of wood placed on some iron rolls. The soldier holds the hands of the boy and within seconds he fixes them. Then he ties his legs and feet. Gregor starts to undress now. He takes off his heavy boots to get off his pants. His cock is rock hard. The boy can see an evil lust in his eyes. The soldier kneels over the boy and pushes his dick deep inside his mouth. Sacha is broken and aware of his helpless situation. He ties his best to satisfy his tormentor. Suddenly the soldier grabs the well tied legs. He lifts them and fixes them to a bit-hook. Then he cuts the boy´s underwear with a knife. In this most vulnerable position he uses his power to stretch, finger and inspect the cherry. He loves to humiliate his catch. Then he takes the remaining pieces of the boy´s undies to gag him. He doesn´t want to hear his screams when he starts to fuck him hard.

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